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2017 MLB Team Win Totals
By: Sean Higgs     Date: Apr 1, 2017
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And the MLB season is upon us. I am going to give you my 1 Best Bet Team Win Total for each division. Projected win totals come from the William Hill US Race & Sports Book in Las Vegas.


BALTIMORE Orioles OVER 80.5 Wins +3300

As much as the Red Sox went in on Sale, I still think this is good value. This is a tough, gritty team. Love their coach. Possible MVP in Machado. Again. I think that the AL East is going to a be .500 division all around with Boston being the favorite. And at over +3 large, have to take a shot here.


DETROIT Tigers UNDER 82 Wins +2200

I just see this ship wrecking in 2017. JD Martinez banged up. Miggy is Miggy, I get it. But VMart is up there. Kinsler is up there. Heck Verlander is up there. We ready for Upton to be the man? Too many questions in my eyes. These guys will be selling in July.


HOUSTON Astros - OVER 90 Wins +1400

Wow. I think this is borderline stealing. These guys have a terrific young lineup. They started out slow last year. But I think that actually helped some of the youngsters. Now they are primed to rise to the top. Rangers have Hamels and Yu, and both are not on the young and healthy side of the bubble. A lot of things can wrong here. Mariners should be improved. But we will see. Can't trust the Angels pitching. And the A's are rebuilding, or at least not trying to contend.


MIAMI Marlins UNDER 76 Wins +7700

Not sure how these guys respond after the death of Jose. That guy was very special. Their other special player, Giancarlo, has trouble staying on the field. So that being said. Nats and Mets are clearly 90 win teams. Phillies and Braves have young talent and added some vets. And we have Miami. I do like some of their bats. But I don't think the pitching is going to help the cause.


PITTSBURGH Pirates OVER 82.5 Wins +5000

I know. Higgs. You are always on this group. I get it. But I think they have the best OF. Just love them. The pitching looks healthy and better than ever. Cubs had the perfect year, and our clearly the top dogs here. But I think STL is in a bit of a step-back spot. Brewers and Reds are bad. If the stars line up for us, we can be battling the Cubbies for the Central Division Title.


COLORADO Rockies OVER 80.5 Wins +4000

This is my surprise team. Like the bats a lot. Arenado is a beast. Blackmon is the best guy you never heard of. CarGo seems like he is healthy. They will beat up their share of pitchers. And their rotation looks decent. Nothing sexy like LAD. But I think we get a .500 run out of these guy.

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