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Top MLB Starting Pitchers in June since 2014
By: Jeff Hochman     Date: May 21, 2017
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Top MLB Starting Pitchers in June since 2014

1) Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) 12-4 W/L, 1.73 ERA

2) Jake Arrieta (Cubs) 10-3 W/L, 2.15 ERA

3) Max Scherzer (Nationals) 10-5 W/L, 3.02 ERA

4) Chris Sale (Red Sox) 9-4 W/L, 2.76 ERA

5) Jon Lester (Cubs) 8-4 W/L, 2.64 ERA

6) Carlos Martinez (Cardinals) 7-1 W/L, 2.06 ERA

7) Johnny Cueto (Giants) 7-2 W/L, 2.65 ERA

8) Danny Salazar (Indians) 7-2 W/L, 2.83 ERA

This makes a lot of sense to me since the proven starters in MLB usually hit their stride during the month of June. Notice how there isn't any ERA above 3.02 and surprising it's Max Scherzer. These guys are usually dialed-In when the weather really warms up. I would expect more of the same, especially from the two Chicago Cubs on this list.

Good Luck, Jeff Hochman/JH-Sportsline

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